Unpopular Opinions: 120 Opinions Guaranteed to Get People Talking (2024)

Everybody is entitled to their opinions. They are not facts. An opinion is simply a representation of a person’s individual belief. That said, there are a great many divisive opinions out there. Keep reading as we take a look at some of the most controversial and debatable unpopular opinions.

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Unpopular Opinions Are Like Chocolate Ice Cream…

…everybody loves to hate it.

Nobody agrees with everything everybody says all of the time. Many people may try, by keeping their real opinions to themselves. If that is you, then this post … actually might be very much what you need.

We all have our beliefs, and to some, they may be viewed as wrong, or incorrect, but that doesn’t change our view. If you have an unpopular opinion, then that’s not your problem. No matter who you are, you will have a few ideas that go against the grain of public consensus.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Keep that in mind as we create the definitive list of the most unpopular opinions in the world today. Whether you like them because it’s cool to be a rebel, or because you genuinely believe they are the right way to think it doesn’t matter.

Strap in, brace yourself and read on!

15 of the Most Basic Unpopular Opinions

Some opinions are very basic. They are inoffensive and more subjective than some of the others we will see later on.

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The following collection of unpopular opinions is not going to cause any upset or arguments but may garner you the off funny look from folks.

1. Vanilla ice cream tastes horrible.

2. Pizza is disgusting

3. If you watch music videos it’s just the same as going to a concert.

4. Hot dogs are way better than burgers.

5. Cheese ruins flavorful dishes and should never be used in cooking.

6. Raw onions taste good and should always be added to a salad or sandwich

7. You can’t have too many baby showers.

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8. Homemade french fries taste better than takeaway fries.

9. Twitter is the most beneficial social media platform.

10. Oatmeal and raisin are better than chocolate chip cookies.

11. All wild animals can be kept as pets if you have them from young.

12. The only good online marketing advice is about selling marketing online.

13. An honest opinion is rarely honest.

14. There’s nothing wrong with drinking pickle juice.

15. Nuts and chocolate do not belong together.

15 Unpopular Opinions Guaranteed to Cause a Debate

When talking about unpopular opinions, you need to be prepared to justify your mindset.

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There will always be those incredibly eager to somehow prove you wrong. While you want to avoid an argument with such people, there is nothing wrong with a good debate.

Take a look at the following fifteen unpopular opinions that are as good as guaranteed to cause a debate.

16. I love you are just a few meaningless words

17. Liver and opinions are one of the most underrated food combinations ever!

18. Strawberries are absolutely disgusting!

19. The minority of high school sweethearts stay together forever

20. All religions are just copies with a new name for the same god.

21. Baseball is really America’s sport.

22. Maths is one of the most enjoyable subjects at school.

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23. People who work blue collar jobs are uneducated.

24. When people claim to hate online bullying so proudly, they tend to be the very ones engaging in it.

25. Doing the ironing is a pointless chore.

26. Nobody really likes the way beer tastes.

27. Ice cream is the most disgusting thing ever created.

28. Mint chocolate ice cream is incredibly overrated.

29. People drink gin because it’s trendy not because they enjoy it.

30. Milk chocolate is hands down the best chocolate.

15 Controversial Opinions Guaranteed to Cause Offence

When voicing an unpopular opinion, you know that you could be getting yourself into hot water. Many people take their opinions very seriously.

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The following collection of unpopular opinions is almost guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers. Whether you break them out just to see if you can wind up your friends or because you really believe them is up to you. Just be prepared for the inevitable backlash.

31. Pickle juice ice cream would taste pretty good.

32. Good society teaches selfishness because that’s what makes the modern world thrive.

33. World peace would be boring as sin.

34. Marriage is a patriarchal tool that’s gaslit women into giving away their sexual agency and right to take up their own space

35. Who would want to be committed forever to the same person. That’s just boring!

36. Onion rings are better than french fries. Period.

37. Different political opinions can make or break a relationship.

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38. Tomato sauce is the only sauce suitable for a bacon sandwich.

39. The Walking Dead is the best zombie franchise.

40. It’s good that the world is so focused on political correctness.

41. If you’re a morning person you cannot be trusted.

42. It’s pointless to ask people for food preferences before a party.

43. Dating apps are for losers and ugly people.

44. You can’t buy happiness is just something poor people say.

45. You only succeed in life if you have a college degree.

15 Reddit Unpopular Opinion Entries We Love to Hate

Reddit is an interesting place. You can find great things and terrible things within its pages. One of the fun places to look is the r/unpopularopinion section which sees ‘redditors’ listing opinions and joining in the debate on those of others.

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We love to hate these unpopular opinions, and looking through Reddit, we’re not the only ones!

46. We can’t stand pizza with BBQ sauce.

47. Friends is not a good tv show.

48. Drake is the most overrated rapper of the current generation.

49. Shrek 2 is the worst of all the Shrek movies.

50. People who write with emojis are probably annoying in real life too.

51. TV has become too cinematic and isn’t as enjoyable.

52. Fishing is an enjoyable hobby.

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53. Firefly is only popular because it got canceled.

54. Spam/Sales calls are actually really fun to answer.

55. Stephen King’s books are overrated and have terrible endings.

56. Everybody should hate dumplings in Chinese takeout.

57. Video games are a waste of time.

58. Justin Bieber deserves more credit for his music.

59. ESDF is a better keyboard control then WASD.

60. The best way to eat jelly beans is to swallow them whole!

15 Unpopular Opinions on What Tastes Weird

Food has to be one of the best topics to search for unpopular opinions and people who are willing to go to bat over why their view is the only view.

Pineapple on pizza anybody?

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So it’s only fair we spend a little bit of time looking at some of the different food-based opinions that are bouncing around out there.

61. Beer out of a can tastes weird.

62. Dough balls taste better when dipped in salted caramel or chocolate.

63. Soda fountain co*ke tastes better than any other cake.

64. Ranch dressing ruins everything it touches.

65. Macaroni Cheese tastes disgusting without ketchup and spices.

66. Easting watermelon is like drinking stagnant water.

67. Soggy fries are better than crispy.

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68. Breakfast is an overrated meal.

69. Modern cupcakes have too much frosting and not enough cake.

70. Bananas taste like eating mucus.

71. Fruit should not be cooked under any circ*mstance.

72. The brownies from the center of the pan are the best.

73. There is no such thing as too much garlic.

74. Ketchup is the worst condiment.

75. Sweet potato is not an acceptable substitute for real potatoes.

15 Unpopular Opinions That Are Hard to Deny

While the entire point of an opinion is that we are all allowed to form our own, there are times when the general consensus is hard to deny.

When it comes to unpopular opinions the same rings true. There are those that are unpopular not because they are necessarily controversial but rather because they challenge the status quo of modern life.

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You don’t need a college degree to understand that many people like to have a straightforward life, uncomplicated and drama free.

Well, the following collection of unpopular opinions is comprised of those that are hard to deny and are likely lacking in popularity for the simple fact they make life that little bit more complicated.

76. Swimming pools are a breeding ground for bacteria.

77. Dark chocolate tastes better than milk.

78. Bacon is nasty, the world just got swept up into some insane bacon mania.

79. A minimum wage job should pay enough to support a family.

80. White collar jobs deservedly pay better because they require better qualifications.

81. Pop culture doesn’t actually exist as it is constantly evolving.

82. A real relationship doesn’t need to end in marriage.

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83. Jake Gyllenhaal is underrated actor.

84. Madonna is an overrated performer who can’t let go of the past.

85. We all take baths and showers too frequently.

86. Popcorn is the only movie snack you need.

87. Dunkin Donuts has better coffee than Starbucks.

88. Dogs are better than cats.

89. Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.

90. People care more about their wedding than they do their marriage.

15 Naughty Unpopular Opinions

When it comes to life there is one area that everybody has their own beliefs about. Those private matters that happen in the bedroom – or other rooms if you’re lucky – are often just kept between those involved.

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However, even then different opinions will be discovered, and many of them may be unpopular. When dealing with sensitive matters such as this you need to be careful of how much you allow your convictions to amplify your beliefs.

91. Kissing while getting busy is just a waste of time.

92. Previous bedroom adventures are not other people’s business

93. Sex is about more the having an org*sm.

94. Morning sex just isn’t good under any circ*mstance.

95. Doggy style is not the best position.

96. Giving is NOT better than receiving.

97. Toys do belong in the bedroom.

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98. Good stamina doesn’t always mean better sex.

99. Riding reverse cowgirl is uniformly dull as you can’t see what is going on.

100. Bigger is not always better.

101. Nobody really enjoys dirty talk. It’s gross and ruins the moment.

102. Sex on the beach should remain just a drink.

103. Dry humping is underrated.

104. Missionary is an underrated position.

105. Shower sex is awkward and dangerous!

15 Funny Unpopular Opinions

Once you have gone through the debates and arguments about the morality of your thoughts, you are left with those unpopular opinions that are quite frankly, funny. They are the small quips and remarks on life that have no great meaning or influence, yet still somehow manage to split opinion and drive great discussion.

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So here we go, let’s round off the list with a few opinions that are worth a chuckle, if not just to see the look of abject disdain on people’s faces. These are also good ones to throw out and check if people pay attention to what you say.

106. Showers at the end of the day are better than showers at the start of the day.

107. Mariah Carey is one of the most underrated singers.

108. Early birds are better than night owls.

109. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

110. Everybody eats breakfast before brunch because it’s an extra meal, not a replacement.

111. It’s annoying when people say bless you after you sneeze.

112. Ketchup should be kept in the fridge.

113. Pepsi is better than co*ke.

114. Not all soda is pop and not all pop is soda.

115. Getting gifts is a wholly awkward and largely unenjoyable situation.

116. Naps are not as fun as people make out.

117. Karaoke is only fun for those who know they can sing but want to act shocked when people like their voice.

118. Using a bathroom stall is less stressful than using a single bathroom because when you walk out of a single bathroom everyone knows it was you.

119. Marmite and peanut butter are a great combination.

120. Sleeping naked is the best way to sleep.

Final Thoughts on The Most Unpopular Opinions

There you have it. The ultimate list of unpopular opinions, guaranteed to cause upset, furor, and maybe even a little offense. Voice any one of these on social media and keyboard warriors the world over will jump into debates citing the pros and cons of your opinion.

Do you have any unpopular opinions that you like to throw around from time to time? Let us know in the comments below. Have we nailed your favorite? Perhaps we’ve missed it.

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Unpopular Opinions: 120 Opinions Guaranteed to Spark Debate

Unpopular Opinions: 120 Opinions Guaranteed to Get People Talking (2024)


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