The Very Best 120 Unpopular Opinions 2024 (2024)

Typically, unpopular opinions aren’t necessarily that uncommon.

While you may not voice your unpopular opinion in fear of being the odd one out, there’s likely a friend or family member with the same belief as you. Unpopular opinions can be serious topics like religious beliefs or politics, or they can be silly subjects like food preferences or your thoughts on a television show or movie.

Whether you’re curious to see if you have an unpopular opinion or just want to follow along, read on for 120 Unpopular Opinions that you may — or may not — agree with.

Scroll for 120 Unpopular Opinions and see if you agree or disagree with any of them!

1. Vegetables are better than fruit.

2. Money can buy happiness.

3. Beyoncé is an overrated performer.

4. Taylor Swift is one of the most underrated singers and songwriters in this generation.

5. Football is more of America’s sport than baseball is.

6. You can have kids before you get married.

7. I’d rather drive in silence than with music playing.

8. Hot dogs are better than hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

9. Onion rings are better than french fries.

10. Beer tastes better at room temperature.

11. Concerts are a waste of money: just watch music videos.

12. Friends isn’t that good of a TV show.

13. Androids are better than Apple iPhones.

14. Sprinkles are gross and ice cream should be served plain.

15. Movie theater popcorn isn’t very good.

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16. New York City isn’t that glamorous.

17. There’s no point to having a social media profile.

18. Not every couple needs to have children.

19. I prefer to listen to the radio over watching a television show.

20. There’s no reason to make your bed every morning.

21. Listening to podcasts is more enjoyable than listening to music.

22. People that read are more intelligent.

23. Love is not a choice.

24. Maple Walnut ice cream is better than Butter Pecan ice cream.

25. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are better than Chocolate Chip cookies.

26. Grape flavored ice pops are the best flavor.

27. Eggnog is delicious.

28. Wendy’s has better Chicken Nuggets than McDonalds.

29. Cheese ruins flavorful dishes.

30. You don’t need a college degree to get a job.

31. Seafood is disgusting.

32. Raw onions taste good.

33. Coffee isn’t that good – you’re just addicted to caffeine.

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34. Dunkin Donuts has better coffee than Starbucks.

35. Cats are better than dogs.

36. Sweating and working out is enjoyable.

37. High school sweethearts stay together for the title: not because they truly want to.

38. A trip to the mountains is better than a trip to the beach.

39. Chicken nachos are better than beef nachos.

40. Pumpkin pie isn’t good.

41. Dark Chocolate is better than Milk Chocolate.

42. Cold maple syrup is better than warm maple syrup.

43. Waffles and pancakes are basically the same.

44. The Star Wars movie series isn’t as good as everyone makes it out to be.

45. People care more about their wedding than they do their marriage.

46. Pineapple on pizza is delicious.

47. Christmas trees should be real, not fake.

48. There’s no such thing as “pumpkin spice latte” – it’s simply a cinnamon spice drink without any pumpkin flavor.

49. Above ground pools are more fun than in-ground pools.

50. Dating apps aren’t a good foundation for a relationship.

51. Pug dogs aren’t cute.

52. Sweet potatoes are better than normal potatoes.

53. Lunch is the best meal of the day.

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54. Country music is the best genre.

55. The roaring 20’s was the best time period.

56. Horror movies and thrillers are enjoyable to watch.

57. Tomatoes shouldn’t be considered a fruit.

58. Road Trips are more enjoyable than flying to a destination.

59. Those famous frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store do not taste good.

60. Avocados aren’t as good as guacamole.

61. Milk is disgusting.

62. Water tastes better without ice cubes.

63. Destination weddings are selfish: don’t ask guests to buy plane tickets and hotel rooms.

64. People who are raised religious are more successful in life.

65. Chocolate ice cream isn’t actually good.

66. The Office isn’t a good TV show.

67. Watermelon is flavorless.

68. Pizza is better cold.

69. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most enjoyable holidays.

70. The beach isn’t a fun place to go: it’s sandy and dirty.

71. Christmas without snow isn’t Christmas.

72. If you don’t like to be with yourself, you can’t expect anyone to want to hang out with you.

73. Receiving gifts is a greedy love language.

74. Vacuuming is the worst chore.

75. Swimming in an ocean is better than swimming in a pool.

76. If it rains on the 4th of July it’s not actually worth celebrating.

77. I don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol, nor do I enjoy being drunk.

78. Rugby is the most random sport ever.

79. Fall and winter are better than spring and summer.

80. Different political opinions don’t matter in a relationship.

81. Bikes are more comfortable than cars for traveling.

82. The point of life isn’t to have children.

83. Rainy days are more enjoyable than sunny days.

84. Having a college degree will make your life more enjoyable.

85. It’s better to be hot than cold.

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86. Birthday cake tastes better when it’s leftover and eaten for breakfast.

87. Mustard is better than ketchup.

88. Getting married solves most of your problems.

89. A minimum wage job is enough to live off of.

90. When you’re in a relationship, you can keep secrets.

91. Deviled eggs are a great snack.

92. LinkedIn is the most beneficial social media platform.

93. Wild animals have the right to maul humans if they’re in their environment.

94. Traveling is a waste of money.

95. White collar jobs are more work than blue collar jobs.

96. Math and science are the most enjoyable subjects.

97. Mayonnaise is the worst condiment.

98. The Harry Potter book and movie series aren’t good.

99. Thanksgiving turkey is better than all of the sides.

100. Disney World is overrated.

101. Humidity in the air is enjoyable.

102. Salty snacks aren’t as good as sweet treats.

103. Goldfish snacks are better than Cheese-itz.

104. You should only eat 3 meals a day.

105. Walking is just as beneficial as running.

106. Pepsi is better than co*ke.

107. Cargo shorts are attractive.

108. PDA isn’t that weird, it’s actually sweet.

109. Brunch isn’t an enjoyable meal.

110. Living in the suburbs is better than living in a big city.

111. Technology has done more good than it has bad.

112. Pickle juice tastes good.

113. Rock and roll isn’t relevant in the 2000’s, it was a trend in the olden days.

114. Forgetting to press “send” on a text message is a real thing – you weren’t just ignoring someone.

115. Staying friends with your exes is fine and healthy.

116. Running is an enjoyable hobby.

117. Giving is more fun than receiving.

118. Christmas isn’t the best holiday.

119. If you’re a morning person you’re more productive.

120. Thanksgiving Eve is better than Thanksgiving.

The Very Best 120 Unpopular Opinions 2024 (2024)


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