Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (2024)

Everyone’s got unpopular opinions.

Mine is “I love Hawaiian pizza.”

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (1)

Come on, it’s not as bad as you think. Or is it?

Well, I think my Hawaiian pizza served its purpose – it went against the standards you have for what you deemed “likable”.

What are unpopular opinions?

Just like my example above, unpopular opinions are ideas that completely contradict the conventional status quo. However, it is just what it is – an opinion.

You and I have different opinions, thus making it relative.

Many are afraid to express their unpopular opinions because of the adverse reaction they’ll get from friends, family, and followers.

For one, my poor Hawaiian pizza suffered unpleasant repercussions! And to think that’s only a food choice.

Can you think how much backlash will a stronger unpopular opinion receive, especially if it’s about politics or religion?

But anyway, I am not writing this to promote violent reactions. I am a pretty peaceful person after all.

I just need to know that my Hawaiian pizza is not alone in the “hashtag unpopular opinion” world. Because.I.Still.Like.It.

So, here are funny, intriguing, infuriating – you name it – unpopular opinions I found on the internet.

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (2)

Unpopular opinions about food and beverages

Unpopular opinions about food and beverages are actually funny, interesting, and gross at the same time. Students were asked about their unpopular food opinions and here are some of what I found:

Ketchup should be fridge-cold.

Soda fountain co*ke tastes different than a can poured over ice.

Beer out of a can tastes weird.

Strawberries get more credit than they deserve.

Vegetables are better than dessert.

Pickle juice is delicious, nutritious, and a treat for your mouth and body.

Cake is not that good.

Room-temperature butter is the truth.

Brunch is not bad, but it is dramatically overrated.

Nuts in chocolate is really, really, wrong.

Rare steak sucks.

I can’t stand pizza with tomato sauce (I always ask for it without).

I don’t like Nutella.

Tea sucks.

Bacon is very good but… like… stfu. It’s not THAT good. What’s up with the insane bacon mania???

I hate avocados, but I love guacamole.

Mushrooms are f*cking disgusting! They are fungus that grows on sh*t.

Watermelon is absolutely disgusting.

Ketchup be damned.

Liver is beautiful, the most underrated food of all time.

Meat is overrated.

Chocolate ice cream is absolutely disgusting.

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (3)

Unpopular opinions about music

When it comes to unpopular opinions about music, I think I’ve read almost all artists being labeled as “overrated”. It started when @new_branches asked Twitterdom their unpopular opinions, music edition:

Unpopular opinion: music edition

— New Branches (@new_branches) January 21, 2019

BTS is highly overrated

Beyonce is overrated

Drake is overrated. No one listens to Rihanna for vocals. Stop trying to make Tinasha happen, she’s not gonna happen.

I prefer Apple Music

Kendrick Lamar is an excellent rapper but his voice is annoying

Sza can’t sing. She’s an amazing artist and musical genius for her lyrics, content, production, and general imma do me attitude, but her voice is just okay at best. Unique if you wanna be nice.

Another thing, Jaden is actually a great rapper and an overall artist but people hate on him just cuz he’s Will’s son.

Taylor Swift doesn’t have any award-worthy albums

The new generation gives too much emphasis on music/beats and not enough on lyrics. That’s why we have so many mumble rappers

Cardi is only popular because of her looks
I have no idea why 69 and lil pump are popular
J. Cole- photograph is highly underrated
Views is Drake’s best album
Nicki Minaj can go in on a beat when she tries
Nas should be considered in the goat conversation

The Beatles are overrated

Too much attention is paid to the wrong “artists”

All types of music is great but country has to go.

Anime openings and endings really do slap

Classical is amazing

The best songs are the ones no one else knows about

The only reason people bash on KPOP so much is because of the fans(i agree with this one even tho i like kpop) and bc people are terrified of male femininity.

Video game music is indefinitely better than modern day music. And I mean SOOOOOOOOOO much better, there’s no contest. I’d rather listen to my least favorite video game song than my favorite modern song. (Anime Openings and anime music count under the same umbrella as game songs)

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (4)

Unpopular opinions about society

I found these unpopular opinions about society on Quora. Don’t you just get amazed at the things people will write on the internet? Surely, I am.

(Do you want to learn about how society makes you feel guilty for having unpopular opinions? Check out our free masterclass on embracing your inner beast. It’s exactly what society doesn’t want you to do.)

Our society isn’t strong enough emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, right or left, gay or straight, people take things too seriously.

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Your feelings don’t give you the right to hurt others or destroy their property. So the person you didn’t want to be elected won, get over it.

There are only two genders, sorry. Unless you have something other than XX or XY, you’re male or female, boy or girl, not something else. Also, don’t get upset if I call you sir or ma’am. I’m not going to call you them or they, it’s poor grammar and I’m not going to continue dumbing down a society that has a hard enough time understanding their, there, and they’re.

Pop culture is more important than education. For example, since I’m in the US, I’m can ask so many people what countries make up Great Britain? What was the starting point of WWII? And most wouldn’t know. But if I asked what one of the Kardasians did, they would know right away. How stupid is that?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media sites are destroying communication. Everyone needs to post something to these sites, even if it’s just about eating a f*cking piece of toast. No one talks to people in person anymore, and it will ruin us.

The smartphone is the most dangerous device you’ve ever touched.

People pay too much attention to other people’s business

People are snoopy

People are too gullible

People adhere to mob mentality

People are cheap and want too much for too little money

Boobs being sexualized is not a social construct. People won’t stop lusting after you just because it’s legal to show them in public.

People in America are living off of the government their ENTIRE LIVES! They get rent assistance, food assistance, free healthcare, utility assistance, tax breaks, daycare assistance, free school programs that cost money to others and the list goes on. How did they get all these wonderful gifts every month you ask? They never made more money than poverty level.

We shouldn’t be quick to believe someone when they accuse another of assault.

If you’re ugly, then you need to suck it up and stop complaining.
And this cliche that Everyone is beautiful. There’s someone for everybody and It’s the inside that counts followed by that annoying optimism is the cheesiest, most cringiest sh*t ever.

Women are morally justified in fearing men.
Men don’t seem to understand this. They think that because they are nice, all guys are. They think it is discrimination to fear someone soley based on their gender.

You are the reason your life has turned out as it has.

There is something horribly wrong with modern men.
The world we live in today has stigmatised traditional masculinity as being sexist and backwards, while forgetting that it is these very “sexist” attributes that make men attractive to women in the first place.

Single mothers are toxic to the development of young men.

Not everyone should aim to be a doctor, engineer, or (insert highly successful career choice here). People can shoot for lower things without being “lazy” or “failures.”

People that complain should be smacked in the f*cking face.

There is a direct correlation between privilege and protest.

I think people have too much belief in “freedom”.

I believe the rise of modern political radicalism in Western nations is almost entirely the result of easy communications via social media and the Internet combined with an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity for these countries.

Many people are often openly and dramatically hypocritical when they call themselves ‘animal lovers’.
Many people claim that they love animals, while openly participating and encouraging industries that are unspeakably cruel to them. They think that because they own a pet they like, enjoy watching cat videos and watch birds from time to time it means they are an animal lover.

I’m pro-choice. I believe no woman should ever be forced to become a mother. She should have the right to have the child and become a mother, or have an abortion, or give the child up for adoption.

Society’s doing pretty good, all things considered. It’s individual bad choices that are the problem here” is not something you hear too often. But it’s how I feel.

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (5)

Unpopular opinions about relationships

Another Twitter user asked fans to share their unpopular opinions about relationships and it got almost a thousand replies. Here are some of them:

Unpopular opinion: relationship edition

— kaymiah 👸🏽 (@iTweetDope_ish) January 21, 2019

It’s okay to fart in front of your significant other lol.

You don’t have to go through hell and back with someone to prove that you’re a down ass person bc that’s not how relationships work and there’s someone out there that will not cheat on you and worship the ground you walk on

Long distance is easy with the right person

You don’t have to fight for a relationship just because there’s history. If you’ve outgrown someone after 3..4..5+ years and you know it then move on. Stop waiting for things to fall back into place when you know it’s over.

If you act like you don’t care don’t be mad when they find somebody who cares. Keep that same energy

So many people are so desperate for love that they forget to take the time to love and learn themselves.

If the goal of the relationship isn’t to eventually get married & be committed forever, then what’s the point? I don’t want it

Screaming and yelling at your partner all the time isn’t healthy. Stop glorifying arguing all the time! And people need to stop telling couples that don’t argue that they have a problem.

What works in one relationship, won’t work for all. Learning new things with your partner is an important shared experience.

Don’t tell people when you and your significant other are fighting you forget everyone else will hold it against them

A lot of ppl think it’s cool to be around 24/7 but that’s unhealthy. Ppl need their space

There is no such thing as the Honey-Moon phase, if you’re in love, you’re in love. You don’t just “lose the lovey dovey” feeling after the first couple of months.

Just because some says “I love you”, DOES NOT mean you are forced to say it back. Save the opposing party some heartbreak and be honest.

Fairytales have diluted what a real relationship looks like.

“Happy wife happy life” ain’t code for let her run ya life at the expense of your own happiness.

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (6)

(Not only does Buddhism provide a spiritual outlet for many people, it can also improve the quality of our relationships. Check out our new no-nonsense guide to using Buddhism for a better life here.)

Unpopular opinions about religion

I have tried going to Twitter to look for unpopular opinions about religion but failed to find any. Instead, I found myself on Reddit. Read them below:

Religion shouldn’t exist.

God could have just killed the devil and said forget hell. and moved on swiftly.

If our life is a mess we shouldn’t have to accept it just because God is “bored”, and “trying to see something”, or because our blessings come on his time.

I feel like every religion has the same God but they don’t know how to pronounce its name.

The church is the new IRS, I hear they’re now checking people’s W-2 form …….. Scammers lusting for tax return money! Rude.

Boys who are raised in the church marry worldly women when they grow up because we’re more fun! Just ask my husband’s former pastor’s daughter. I don’t know if that’s an unpopular opinion though.

How come demons gets all these cool powers, but we humans are only stuck with prayer…….. I believe God should bless our abilities to fight demons/Satan.

A lot of Atheists was religious once. It is more popular than you converting to atheism from your religion than converting to another religion.

My unpopular opinion is that atheism is a functionally impossible position for a human consciousness to hold.

Some words to ponder:

If I’d list all the unpopular opinions I found, this post would not be enough.

You may find that some unpopular opinions are agreeable for you but some will make your eyes roll too.

Whatever your reaction is, let me close this post with this quote:

There can be disagreement without disrespect. – Dean Jackson

How about you? We’d love to know your unpopular opinions. Share it with us in the comments below.

Here are the top 90 most unpopular opinions that people are sharing on the internet (2024)


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