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Pokemon Radical Red
Authorsoupercell, koala4
TypeGame Hacks
Last Updated2023/08/12

Pokémon Radical Red hack is at its core a difficulty hack with additional features; quite similar to Drayano60's enhancement hacks, which provide access to nearly all the Pokemon while also adding relevant buffs.

This hack utilizes the Complete FireRed Upgrade engine and Dynamic Pokemon Expansion built by Skeli789, Ghoulslash, and others. It's responsible for most of the significant features in the hack.


  • Provided by CFRU and DPE:
    • Physical/Special split + Fairy Typing.
    • All Pokémon up to Gen 8 obtainable (with exceptions, see below).
    • Moves up to Gen 8, including some Isle of Armor DLC moves.
    • Updated Pokémon sprites.
    • Mega Evolution.
    • Abilities up to Gen 8.
    • All important battle items (with exceptions).
    • Raid Battles.
    • Reusable TMs.
    • Expanded TM list.
    • Additional move tutors.
    • EV Training Gear.
    • Ability popups during battle.
    • Gen 8 Exp Share.
    • Hidden Abilities.
    • Day and Night.
    • DexNav for searching Pokémon with hidden abilities and more.
    • Even faster turbo speed.
    • Abilities like Magma Armor have field effects.
    • Destiny Knot, Everstone have updated breeding mechanics.
    • ... and more.
  • Additional Features:
    • Higher difficulty.
    • Curated buffs to deserving Pokémon, including Megas.
    • Brand new abilities.
    • Revamped Game Corner.
    • IV grade and colored natures on Summary Screen.
    • IV perfecter in Celadon for a steep price.
    • EV checker/reducer in Saffron.
    • Ability swapper in Saffron, with an option to swap to Hidden Ability.
    • EV training areas with corresponding gear.
    • Move relearner moved to Cerulean.
    • Move tutor that teaches Egg moves.
    • Additional Legendaries obtainable before the Elite Four.
    • Gym leaders may offer rematches or side quests for Mega Stones and other rewards.
    • Day care south of Cerulean can hold two Pokémon for earlier breeding.
    • ... and more.
  • Quality of Life Changes:
    • No need to teach HMs.
    • Use DexNav for specific encounters, Egg Moves, better IVs, Hidden Abilities, and higher Shiny odds.
    • Sort items with Start in the bag.
    • L pulls up the skills menu for Auto Run, Time Changer, Infinite Repel, and PokeVial.
    • Select multiple key items.
    • Check move info in battle with L.
    • Toggleable Gen 6 Exp Share.
    • Pokémon receive boosted EXP above 220 points of affection.
    • Item image on obtain.
    • Base stats on Pokedex summary screen.
    • Press B on the Bike for a boost.
    • Removed Poison damage in overworld.
  • Other Significant QOL Improvements:
    • Lucky Egg boost increased.
    • Nature Changer in every Pokémon Center.
    • Frisk boosts chance of Wild Pokémon holding items.
    • Macho Brace EV multiplier and Power Item EV Yield boosted.
    • Consumable held items return after trainer battles.
    • Pokémon holding Amulet Coin don't need to participate for the prize money boost.
    • Thieved items go straight to the bag.
    • Shadow Tag/Arena Trap on Wild Pokémon no longer prevents fleeing.
    • Magma Armor/Steam Engine/Flame Body reduce egg steps by 4x.
    • Macho Brace/EV training items reduce speed slightly less.
    • Catch rate universally increased.
    • Reduced the price of Potions and Repels.
    • Eviolite prevents Pokémon from evolving (like Everstone).


ROM information
Original gamePokémon FireRed Version
File1636 Pokemon Fire Red Squirrels

You can patch Radical Red using the online patcher provided by Karthik. If you don't see 3.1 on the Radical Red patcher you probably need to clear your browser cache.

User guide


Documentation - With Evolutionary Changes, Buffs/Nerfs, Pokemon locations, and more.

Radical Red Pokedex - Includes stats, learnsets, evolution method, held items, and more.

FAQ - From the release thread.

Radical Red Showdown Server

RR Showdown Server - Allows you to fight against others in a Radical Red environment. Developed by Pacmanboss256 (RRSH head dev), Karthik, Budget Cyro and Aegide.

Karthik’s Custom Calc - This is a showdown calculator developed by karthik with the updated stats and abilities of all the Radical Red Pokémon

RR Showdown Discord Server Link - This server will serve the purpose of keeping you up to the date with the current tier changes and any updates related to the showdown server. But you will not be able to talk in here, make sure to use #showdown in the RR server for all showdown related talk.


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How to Download Pokemon Radical Red and Set Up a GBA Emulator (MANNAT)


You can open the patched rom with an emulator:

  • mGBA or VBA iif you are on Windows.
  • openEmu if you are on Mac.
  • myBoy if you're on Android.
  • gba4IOS if you are on iOS.

It is compatible with real hardware but not tested.

Known issues

Incompatible with PizzaBoy, Eclipse, Twilight Menu.

Using cheats will impact your games in many ways and will lead to bugs that would not have happened otherwise.

Complete list of known bugs.



  • Mystery Gift option added to Pokemon Center aide:
    • New Game Plus adds additional Mystery Gift options:
    • Seviian: Receive all 1st stage Seviian forms at Level 5
    • Mega: Receive Mega Ring + all Mega Stones, can only receive after 3 Gym Badges.
    • Random6: Receive 6 Random first stage mons.
      • You can only redeem it once, but you can reset if you don’t like what you get. Guaranteed no duplicates, but you can get duplicate of regional variants, as in, you can get both Rattata and Rattata-a)
    • Puzzle: No need to complete Puzzles, talk to the respective NPCs to receive your reward
  • Significant amount of AI improvements.
  • Improved Hall of Fame screen (misc info shows on the screen with confetti now, and looks slightly cleaner). Mega Pokemon are displayed in Hall of Fame if applicable (along with other special forms like Ash-Gren, Zygarde-C, etc).
  • Revamped intro screen (the part that asks Difficulty/Randomizer options) .
  • Updated DexNav (includes fishing mons and more details, some bug fixes like actually shows if the registered encounter is holding an item), Level Bonus has returned and is capped at Level Cap.
  • Updated textbox to Black and White style (Credits to Green Jerry).
  • Updated party screen to Black and White style (Credits to Kiy, usigusom, (), 黒インク) .
  • Updated HP Bar, Status Icons (Credits to VentZX and Plaininsane for quick correction).
  • Updated in-battle textbox .
  • Added Decorate, Coaching, Dire Claw, Mountain Gale, Psyshield Bash, Mystical Power.
    • Coaching egg move for Croagunk, Passimian. Banned in HC.
    • Decorate only for Alcremie on Evolution. Banned in HC.
    • Dire Claw 70 BP 100 Acc Poison Physical Move with high crit-ratio that has a 50% chance to either paralyze, poison, or burn. Learned by Sneasler on evolution.
    • Psyshield Bash 70 BP 100 Acc Psychic Physical Move with 40% chance to boost Defense upon hit. Learned by Stantler/Wyrdeer at Level 17, Metang, Metagross at Level 32, Bronzong on Evolution.
    • Mystical Power 70 BP 100 Acc Psychic Special Move that boosts Attack/SpA or Defense/SpDef depending on which stat is higher, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit learn at Level 42.
    • Mountain Gale 120 Power 90 Acc Ice Physical Move with 30% chance to flinch, Avalugg, Avalugg-H learn at Level 53, Abomasnow learns at Level 64, Glastrier learns at Level 66.
  • Species, Learnset, Ability randomizer now available in Hardcore/Restricted Mode.
  • More randomness for move/ability randomizer.
    • Before, there was a 1-1 mapping with moves/abilities in the move/ability randomizer. So, for instance, Ember would always end up being Surf for all applicable Pokemon that learned Ember, or Huge Power would always turn into Moxie for all applicable Pokemon. Now, this is not the case.
    • Move Relearner in Pokemon Learnset Randomizer is now fixed to show randomized moves.
  • Updated in-battle text box.
  • Updated in-battle type icons, along with the move menu.
  • Added PSS Icons in TM Case + Move Relearner screen.
  • Updated a significant amount of move animations.
  • Ability descriptions now take up 2 lines and have more precise info (Thanks to GreenPhx).
  • Added purple color in ability name to indicate that Pokemon has its Hidden Ability.
  • Play time is now synced to RTC (so unaffected by speedup).
  • Added button shortcuts for multiple registered key-items screen.
  • Updated Frostbite animation.
  • Updated Mega Evolution Animation
  • Added in battle team preview, only shows mons that the enemy has revealed.
    • New Team Preview (Code: TeamPreview) cheat that reveals all enemy mons.
  • Added in-battle shortcut for best possible Pokeball to use in Wild Battles.
  • Enemy trainers now also have a Pokeball throw animation.
  • Added Wishiwashi-Si, Dodrio-S, Milotic-S follower sprite.
  • Magma Armor/Minimal Grinding Mode enables even faster Egg hatching.
  • Tapping L or R in bag helps you skip through items quicker.
  • Pickup items go straight to bag.
  • Added prompt to take item from wild Pokemon after catch.
  • Added Friendship Heart in summary screen that displays Pokemon's happiness level.
  • Added color to trainer name depending on gender in mon summary screen.
  • Added Bashful, Gentle, Lax to Nature Changer.
  • Quick Draw Ability added, Slowbro-G and Magmortar receive it.
  • Yamask-g, Runerigus has Wandering Spirit instead of Mummy (Ability was broken so Mummy was a placeholder until now).
  • In battle bag text is now grayed out when the bag is disabled.
  • Miniboss trainers don't randomize in randomizer mode (this was causing jarring fights with randomized Pokemon with the original mons learnsets).
  • Nugget Bridge trainers turned into somewhat formidable trainers (3 Doubles, 2 Singles).
  • 3 trainers before Blaine in Cinnabar Gym are now mandatory with formidable teams.
  • Changes to various trainers in Hardcore Mode.
  • Reduced levels on the trainer minibosses in Easy Mode.
  • Lowered difficulty of the weather route trainers on Normal/Easy mode.
  • Ace Gym trainer in Celadon Gym turned into mini boss in Hardcore Mode.
  • Added small noise when egg hatches.
  • Makuhita->Dunsparce Mt Moon at night (Dunsparce was unencounterable in 3.0…).
  • Rotom learns Disarming Voice at level 1.
  • Geodude line, Golem line learn Rapid Spin at Level 1.
  • Sceptile learns Breaking Swipe on Evolution instead of Dual Chop, now learns Dual Chop at Level 69.
  • Dragalge evolves at Level 44 instead of Level 48.
  • Removed Lightscreen/Reflect timers in the in-battle meta detail viewer (had weird palette issues with the new move menu).
  • Exp bar speed is now instantaneous if you go from 0 exp -> next level.
  • Now need to retrieve Morty Mega Stone before getting Tri Pass (prevents being locked out of Gengarite in postgame).
  • Updated Raid Den overworld sprite (Credits to Plaininsane).
  • Updated Pheromosa front sprite, Hisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Typhlosion, Hisuian Zorua, Kleavor, Ursaluna back & front sprites, Calyrex icon sprites
  • Updated cries for Hisuian Pokemon.
  • Fixed glitch where leveling up in battle in certain scenarios caused a crash.
  • Fixed Gorilla Tactics having incorrect text when clicking a move that isn’t locked in.
  • Fixed some issues with Cramorant Gulp Missile .
  • Fixed Big Root healing for more than intended.
  • Fixed transparency issue with Enamorus backsprite.
  • Fixed transparency issue with Zubat front sprite.
  • Fixed Double Battles bug where it freezes when you try to click with choice locked move.
  • Fixed Double Battle move highlighting.
  • Fixed Jump Kick miss causing berry not activating correctly.
  • Fixed some post Vermillion raids not showing encounters if you sequence break (skip surge and go to celadon/saffron areas).
  • Fixed Mt Ember Archer having level 1 mons in Hardcore Mode.
  • Fixed being able to use bag in-battle for Berry Forest, Lavender Tower post-game battles.
  • Fixed Wormadam Trash not learning mirror shot on evo in hardcore mode.
  • Fixed Rhyperior, Lopunny, Rotom forms OWs having weird, washed out palette.
  • Fixed Stantler not being able to receive Hisuian potential from Saffron npc.
  • Fixed TM case showing species instead of egg.
  • Fixed Parasect follower.
  • Fixed Ceaseless Edge having 0 dynamax bp.
  • Fixed Ursaluna not being able to learn dig/shadow claw from TM.
  • Fixed Samurott-H not being able to learn Aerial Ace.
  • Fixed not being to unlock red on HC mode battle sim.
  • Fixed G-Max Phantasm causing the weird palette issue.
  • Fixed Throat Spray not activating in doubles if it didn’t affect second mon with spread move.
  • Fixed Throat Spray activating on following party mon using Parting Shot.
  • Fixed being able to fish facing your follower.
  • Fixed Round causing strange glitches in Double Battles.
  • Fixed Sleep Talk Last Resort not working with Comatose.
  • Fixed using Dexnav in Sandstorm routes causing visual bugs.
  • Fixed exploit where stepping on script being skipped with Dexnav stuff.
  • Fixed Wishiwashi Seviian being unable to learn Hex from Move Tutor.
  • Fixed Slowbro-G, Slowking-G, Slowbro, Slowking, Slowpoke-G being unable to learn Foul Play from Move Tutor.
  • Fixed Super Nerd Overworld sprite.
  • Fix Weather Ball showing incorrect type in summary screen.
  • Fixed Celadon not working as last possible heal.
  • Fixed some odd discoloration on the Stat Scanner screen (around Pokemon name area).
  • Fixed Cradily on Erika’s HC team not having Storm Drain.
  • Fixed Scrafty on Gio 3 Normal team not having Intimidate.


  • Skeli (most of the bug fixes + updates are thanks to Skeli making his unbound dev build of CFRU public, big thanks to the GOAT).
  • GreenPhx (Extended ability descriptions, new Hall of Fame Screen text).
  • Cesar Alarcon & Stay from Whackahack for the updated inbattle textbox.
  • Cesare_CBass for updated Decidueye-H.
  • Hisuian Zorua front by KingOfThe-X-Roads, front resize and QC back by leParagon, QC front by G.E.Z., back by Vent.
  • Updated BW HP bars by Vent, qc by Plaininsane.
  • Green Jerry for BW Textbox.
  • Kiy, usigusom, (), 黒インク for BW Party Screen.
  • Kleavo by MultiDiegoDani + leParagon + Vent.
  • Terminaut (Raid Den Sprite, Dodrio-S Wishiwashi-S follower sprites).

Release notes.


Thanks To: Complete Fire Red Upgrade by Skeli789, ghoulslash and team, koala4, Drayano60, Pokemon Clover, Smogon CAP, [B]InnerMobius, Noodlewhiz on Discord, Kalerie, SageDeoxysOverworld sprites, kingofthe-x-roads, everyone that contributed to the Gen 8 Sprite Project, LarryTurbo, Professor Leon, hyo oppa, NateRiver, Omega/WesleyFG, Nisarg, JK,! hackito, YoY-X, Delta231, Pokemonrater, thebrawlunit, Jo7A, VentZX, DrSeuss, Varrio, Ghabra, Khaospire, Daina, mossedUp, Sergio, Gress, moods, Xan, Cubism, ExpoSeed, Datudou, Kled, Nikki, Manny, Hail, Maliboo, matty boy, Pacmanboss256 (RRSH head dev), Karthik, Budget Cyro and Aegide, Azimuth on WAH.

Tools used: Advanced Map 1.9.2/1.9.5, HxD, G3T, NSE, XSE, Overworld Manager.

Other Resources Used: Summary Screen Patch, Party Screen Patch, Colored Natures, IV Rankings, Pokemon Sprites.

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