25 Unpopular Opinions That Really Divided The Internet This Week (2024)

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    I Actually Enjoyed Video Games When The Graphics Weren’t The Best

    From Redditor u/speedgod_263:

    Looking at the newer games like Mortal Kombat 1, or Ark 2, etc… ike, it does look amazing, but graphics don't mean squat if the story is s***. Not saying that any of these games are bad, but I'm really gonna miss the old era where games like Zelda BotW or GTA V had okay graphics now, but at its time, the graphics were absolutely peak. Video games are really changing and I don''t know if I'm the only one who just feels indifferent about it.

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  • From Redditor u/Aesthetik_1:

    As someone who spent 10 years at various universities, intelligence alone will not get you very far when studying for a degree at some university. You can meet a lot of really dense and dumb people with many degrees.

    What gets you far in the academic field is having a long attention span, drive/persistence, and stamina. Those will be the people who can sit down 10 hours a day, studying for exams and getting degrees and good grades easily. The rest [have] a disadvantage no matter how intelligent.

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    It's Really Sucks How It Suddenly Becomes Okay To Make Fun Of Someone's Appearance If They Do Something Bad

    From Redditor u/PinkIceMancer:

    You see it all the time: insults hurled about someone's looks the moment they do something bad. The insults are almost never about the bad thing that they did but about some minor flaw in their appearance multiplied by a thousand. One egregious type of insult that I see all the time is something along the lines of “haha the guy totally looks like someone who would do something like that lol”…

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    Modern Horror Movies Are All Underwhelming Because Transgression Is Dead

    From Redditor u/cold-vein:

    Now with the Internet, we have seen everything, read everything and heard everything. There's no topic that hasn't been discussed and dissected to death from multiple angles. For example, the last subgenre that could make people uncomfortable, body horror, is now obsolete because of Dr. Pimple Popper and Botched. We have no final frontier of transgression left to explore, and you can see it in modern horror films, or even culture in general (but that's a bigger can of worms). They're all just recycling old tropes, sometimes coming up with clever ways to subvert expectations, but still just variations on a theme.

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    We Need To Have More Representation Of Ugly Women

    From Redditor u/No_Reputation9886:

    Female characters are so often put into a cookie-cutter formula when designed for media. In League of Legends, almost all women can only be distinguished by their outfits. In other media, we always get the same pretty face. In “child-friendly” anime such as One Piece, the women have t*** bigger than the economic inflation. Even in media aimed for women by women, there’s also a cookie-cutter formula. How many times [has] the phrase “she has it all” been used? How many times [has] “the LOOK of 20XX” been used? It’s always the same idea, the idea that there’s one way to judge a woman. Even when women are p[o]rtrayed as bad***, they always have the same hairstyle of shaved on one side. That’s bulls***!…

    Women characters are soooooo boring because they are never allowed any flaw that could make them interesting. They can’t be ugly or genuinely disliked; they have to have the flaw of “not believing in themselves” so we get characters that just win fights because they decided to try. That’s sooooooo boring. Nobody likes that kind of character unless they are ugly like “the mask” (you can’t be funny without being ugly). If the story can be summed up as hero snapped their fingers and won, then it’s not a story. It’s just a waste of time and CGI… We need women to be shown that are ugly in different ways: personality, physically, and spiritually.

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    There Is Nothing Wrong With Adults Trick-Or-Treating

    From Redditor u/DylPyckle1:

    So, I had this conversation with a co-worker today and she was saying how she would never give candy to adults that come to her house, even if they are in a costume. For me, I don't care if you're a child or a senior citizen, if you come to my house in a costume, you are getting candy. I understand that trick-or-treating is mostly a children's holiday. But why can't adults dress up and get some free candy, too? Of course, if you're not dressed up in any way, you aren't getting anything.

    I thought that my opinion and my argument was pretty reasonable. Apparently, at least where I work, I was in the minority. I asked 12 co-workers their opinion and only one person agreed with me. So that's why I'm posting here. I guess I have an unpopular opinion.

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  • 25 Unpopular Opinions That Really Divided The Internet This Week (2024)


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