200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (2024)

200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (1)

  • Published onAugust 22, 2023

Mark Simons

Unpopular opinions are Your personal preferences or thoughts about something. Some people might agree, while others may cause a conflict. The point is to express yourself knowing that there will be someone who will be on the same page as you.

Unpopular Opinions are everywhere. It’s not a must to agree with everyone on everything. Your own thoughts and beliefs deserve to be voiced. However, don’t disregard others’ perspectives. Explore their reasons for having a different opinion as well. Extend courtesy to their opinions too.

There are people in the world who might think exactly like you – they could be unfamiliar faces, old pals, or even mentors. The key is to stand by your opinions. Don’t worry if your viewpoint diverges or if sharing it risks breaking relationships. Keep a positive outlook and try to communicate your message without sparking disputes.

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What is meant by Unpopular Opinions?

Unpopular opinions are viewpoints that go against the commonly held beliefs or popular consensus on a particular topic. For instance, you might think differently on topics like religion, love, politics, food, music, movies and the list goes on.

Some topics may raise arguments, cause discomfort and eventually result in isolation from others. Engaging in captivating topics will spark an enjoyable and lively discussion. Expressing an unpopular opinion is challenging, but the exchange of unpopular opinions contributes to a broader understanding of different viewpoints and encourages critical thinking, even if these opinions are met with disagreement.

Keeping things on the lighter side, take a look at a few examples of unpopular opinions.

Serious Unpopular Opinions

200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (3)
  1. You can never get a job without a degree.
  2. You can be a good writer without reading books.
  3. There is no point in making bed every day when you know it’s gonna get messed up again.
  4. Black is the only color for a formal party.
  5. Desktop computers are way better than laptops.
  6. Happiness is when you become a billionaire
  7. George Bush was a great President
  8. Teens are more modest than their parents.
  9. Short-heighted people are more cunning.
  10. Swimming in a public pool is an open invitation to germs.
  11. Being a martial-arts expert is better than being a wrestling champ.
  12. Twitter is better than Linkedin.
  13. In today’s world, poverty is at its peak, and rich people are becoming richer by the day.
  14. Long hairs are better than short hairs.
  15. It is not easy to maintain ethical standards in the workplace.
  16. Never take your partner to your best friend’s party.
  17. Getting into Politics is the worst career option.
  18. Wearing slippers at work is completely fine.
  19. The world can never be at peace.
  20. You can never find a loyal friend.

Funny Unpopular Opinions

  1. Kittens are cuter than puppies.
  2. Exercises are useless. Just chill and eat pizza all day.
  3. Strawberries look good but don’t taste that great.
  4. Cinderella’s story would have ended sooner if she had a magic lamp instead of the fairy Godmother.
  5. Alarms should not have a snooze option.
  6. Cats love to play with dogs.
  7. People love to talk to salespeople.
  8. Marriage is an agreement of mutual consent that both parties will do the house chores.
  9. There is no such thing as ghosts.
  10. Amusem*nt parks are fun even in your 70’s.
  11. Shakespeare’s stories are crazy.
  12. You shouldn’t thank someone if it’s part of their job to assist you.
  13. Canned foods are unhealthy and a waste of money.
  14. Humans will be marrying robots one day.
  15. You’ll stay healthy even if you don’t take a shower for a month.
  16. A man’s best friend is – A man himself.
  17. Salty foods taste better than sugary foods.
  18. A relationship seems incomplete without an argument.
  19. In the real world, being a villain is way better than being a hero.
  20. It’s good to be late for a party.

Unpopular Opinions about Music

  1. Shakira is not such a good singer.
  2. Country Music is boring.
  3. 90s music was better than today’s music.
  4. Korean Pop Music will take over the music industry in the future.
  5. Guitars are easy to learn.
  6. Music can never calm your nerves. Try reading books instead.
  7. PSY concerts are not eco-friendly.
  8. Queens is still the most talented band.
  9. Music distracts people from doing their work properly.
  10. Jazz music is the best.
  11. Including music in the teaching process enhances the audience’s understanding of the topic.
  12. For all time, “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic will forever hold the top spot as a love song.
  13. Kelly Clarkson turned out to be the best American Idol Singer.
  14. Britney Spears is not a talented dancer.
  15. Ellie Goulding is terrible at live concerts.
  16. A video makes the song popular, not the lyrics.
  17. Singers are making more money than some of the good actors.
  18. It’s boring to see an orchestra perform
  19. Music is not life.
  20. Salena Gomez and Justin Beiber really make a cute couple.

Controversial Unpopular Opinions

  1. A person should stay sober for life.
  2. Showing mercy will get you in trouble.
  3. Working in the morning is more productive than being a night owl.
  4. Weddings are extremely boring.
  5. People who don’t love animals don’t love humans, either.
  6. It’s healthy to be an obsessed meat lover.
  7. Sending emojis is better than sending full-text messages.
  8. Staying a virgin provides a peaceful, stress-free life.
  9. It’s better to jump from the Eiffel Tower than to stay with your parents for the rest of your life.
  10. Spending on gadgets is useless.
  11. Alcohol affects how you act, not what you are actually thinking.
  12. Long drives are actually quite boring.
  13. Spending time on social media is a waste of time.
  14. Table tennis is the most athletic game.
  15. People drink alcohol more out of peer pressure than personal preference.
  16. Office workers often struggle to respect others’ privacy.
  17. There is no such thing as luck.
  18. In Asian countries, people stay virgins till their marriage.
  19. Wearing designer outfits will change your personality from the inside as well.
  20. Leaders are born, not made.

Unpopular Opinions about Food

200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (5)
  1. Prawns are disgusting.
  2. Pizza tastes best without cheese.
  3. Lasagne is better than pasta.
  4. Nutella tastes awesome with hotdogs.
  5. Mcdonald’s is better than KFC.
  6. Grilled chicken tastes way better than baked turkey.
  7. Pringles taste better than french fries.
  8. Chocolate Martini is better than a chocolate cake.
  9. Raw Onion tastes good.
  10. Tea is better than coffee.
  11. Apple Pie tastes so good with pineapples on top.
  12. Eating sugar keeps you active. Everyone should eat lots of sugar every day.
  13. Chilled beers don’t taste as good as you chug them straight from the can at room temperature.
  14. Apple tastes better than avocado.
  15. We don’t need fruits to stay healthy.
  16. Watermelon makes you feel more dehydrated.
  17. Ice tea is better than hot tea.
  18. Donuts and sprinkles are a gross combo.
  19. Pizza tastes amazing the next day.
  20. The burger tastes great without mayonnaise.

UnPopular Life Opinion

  1. Having kids is not so important.
  2. Using multiple credit cards is such a joy.
  3. Life is pretty simple.
  4. Studying while listening to music is better than studying in silence.
  5. Being a teen parent is great.
  6. Moderate drinking is safe while driving.
  7. Soft drinks are better than hard liquor.
  8. There’s a possibility that Artificial Intelligence could eventually dominate the world.
  9. Hiking is way more fun than surfing
  10. Remembering anniversaries is not necessary.
  11. Cooking is way better than dishwashing.
  12. People in the 70s had the best hairstyles.
  13. Individuals who respect their parents get respected by their kids in return.
  14. People can’t survive a day without a cell phone and an internet connection.
  15. Working from home is better than a 9-5 job.
  16. Enjoying Christmas alone is more fun than enjoying it with your family.
  17. Laundry is so much fun
  18. Football is a dangerous sport.
  19. Traveling by bus is better than the subway.
  20. We can’t succeed without telling lies.

UnPopular Movies Opinions

  1. Going to a movie theater is useless. It’s better to watch Netflix instead.
  2. Eating nachos is better than eating popcorn during a movie.
  3. Star Trek was the most boring series of all time.
  4. Scary movies are more fun to watch than comedy movies.
  5. Disney characters are better than Marvel characters.
  6. Draco Malfoy wasn’t a bad guy. Harry’s gang made him one.
  7. Watching a movie in a different language ruins the fun.
  8. Anne Hathaway is the most talented actor alive.
  9. Liev Schreiber would have made a better Wolverine.
  10. Hugh Jackman stands out as the most multi-talented actor to date.
  11. Jack was just Rose’s imagination. No such person exists in reality.
  12. The Matrix wouldn’t have been so successful without Keanu Reeves.
  13. The slow-motion picturization in movies is old-school.
  14. Characters like Miranda in “The Devil Wears Prada” don’t exist in the real world.
  15. Watching Netflix all day is extremely boring.
  16. Korean Pop Music will take over the music industry in the future.
  17. Star Trek featured many tech gadgets that people are using today. Talk about future predictions.
  18. Romantic movies are a waste of time.
  19. Cartoon movies are more believable than fictional movies.
  20. Movie Remakes should be banned.

Unpopular Opinions Reddit

200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (6)
  1. Paris is not so beautiful.
  2. Getting a job on Linkedin is very easy.
  3. People should have lions as pets rather than dogs.
  4. Spending on travel is the best use of money.
  5. Physics is the easiest subject to learn.
  6. You won’t lose weight if you go on a salad diet.
  7. A person should not be forgiven.
  8. A person should eat as many times as he wants.
  9. Stealing small stuff is fine.
  10. It’s more fun to take a gift than to give one.
  11. It’s better to visit Alaska than to visit Bahrain.
  12. Gyms are the only way a person can stay fit.
  13. Men/women look more attractive in their 40’s
  14. Fragrances/Perfumes are just a tool to attract people towards oneself.
  15. All successful people were once daydreamers
  16. The most adventurous trip is a trip to prison.
  17. Brushing your teeth excessively can diminish their natural shine.
  18. Shorts are more fun to watch than long videos.
  19. The individual of utmost significance in the world is “You.”
  20. Plotting revenge actually makes you more creative.

Unpopular Opinions About Relationships

  1. Love, at first sight, is as unbelievable as a fairy tale.
  2. No one actually gets to marry their first crush
  3. Dating apps always find you the right partner.
  4. Candlelight dinners are boring.
  5. Gifts are good enough to keep a relationship strong.
  6. Walking in the rain is more romantic than walking on a beach.
  7. Differences of opinion don’t matter in relationships.
  8. It’s alright to lie to your partner if you know the truth will break the relationship.
  9. Marriage is the beginning of a stressful life.
  10. Personal space is not important in a relationship.
  11. Dating a new person each week is more fun than running a long-term loyal relationship.
  12. Pressure makes a relationship stronger.
  13. It’s alright to stay connected with your ex.
  14. Marrying a millionaire nerd is better than staying in a relationship with a jobless hot guy.
  15. It’s best to keep secrets rather than tell them.
  16. People drink to get comfy with their partner.
  17. Using cheesy romantic lines always works.
  18. A dinner date is better than a lunch date.
  19. It’s hard to find a decent guy/girl.
  20. Love grows weak as couples grow older.
  21. They say love has no boundaries but actually, you’re stuck in boundaries when you’re in love.

Unpopular Opinions That Are Morally Acceptable

  1. Having a Facebook account is a must in today’s world.
  2. It’s better to cook dinner at home rather than order it.
  3. Money can’t buy you your special one.
  4. Living near a tropical beach is better than living in a luxurious apartment.
  5. Having a driver’s license is unnecessary if you really know how to drive.
  6. Allergies should be kept secret
  7. Cigarettes make you look cool.
  8. Most students love math.
  9. It’s cool to be a nerd.
  10. Sports cars are better than vintage cars.
  11. It’s not so hard to pay bills when you are doing only one job.
  12. Being a religious person makes you a better person.
  13. Cellphones are your worst enemies.
  14. There is no fun in volunteering to be the designated driver rather, you should enjoy binge drinking.
  15. Saying “I Love You” is not as hard as it seems.
  16. Hitler was a perfectionist, not a dictator.
  17. Studying is useless. Skills make you successful.
  18. Petite-size models are underrated.
  19. Casual wear works best for interviews. Your words are the real deal-makers.
  20. Skinny Jeans will always remain trendy.


The world is full of people with different opinions. Everyone thinks differently from others. Expressing and embracing your viewpoints can provoke fascinating discussions, opening doors to fresh insights. Approach disagreements without hostility; everyone deserves to be heard. Effective communication involves expressing thoughts clearly and listening to others in return. It’s a two-way communication- Give Respect and Get Respect!

200 Most Unpopular Opinions That Will Shock You (7)

Mark Simons

I am a passionate beer connoisseur with a deep appreciation for the art and science of brewing. With years of experience tasting and evaluating various beers, I love to share my opinions and insights with others and I am always eager to engage in lively discussions about my favorite beverage.

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