100+ Unpopular Opinions (Complete Controversial List) (2024)

Unpopular opinions go against the grain. They can be about any topic. Read the most controversial ones that’ll spark a debate.

100+ Unpopular Opinions (Complete Controversial List) (1)

Unpopular opinions aren’t widely accepted by the general public.

They contradict the status quo. They can be about serious or silly topics.

Since they challenge conventional thinking or stir strong emotions, prepare for a reaction.

Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts, and be sure to listen to what others say.

The following is a complete list of unpopular opinions.

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The most popular unpopular opinions

1. Strawberries are gross.

2. Poetry is boring.

3. Beyoncé is overrated.

4. Star Wars sucks.

5. Making the bed is pointless.

6. Pineapple belongs on a pizza.

7. Vegetables are better than fruits.

8. Beer tastes better at room temperature.

9. Money can buy happiness.

10. Meat is overrated.

11. Christmas without snow isn’t Christmas.

12. Marriage no longer works.

13. Chocolate is gross.

14. Football is more American than baseball.

15. Onion rings are better than fries.

16. Soccer is boring to watch.

17. Beards are hideous.

18. Tarantulas are cute.

19. Pugs are ugly.

20. Cats are better than dogs.

21. It’s annoying when people say bless you after you sneeze.

22. Waffles and pancakes are basically the same thing.

23. Wendy’s has better chicken nuggets than McDonald’s.

Unpopular opinions about life and society

100+ Unpopular Opinions (Complete Controversial List) (2)

1. Changing your last name when getting married is weird.

2. Job searching is fun.

3. Sweating isn’t gross.

4. It’s better to be hot than cold.

5. Android is better than Apple.

6. Yeezy sneakers are ugly.

7. Social media is destroying communication.

8. There are only two genders.

9. You are the reason your life is the way it is.

10. People should stop complaining.

11. Long distance relationships are easy with the right person.

12. If the goal of a relationship isn’t marriage, what’s the point?

13. Religion shouldn’t exist.

14. It’s better to live in the suburbs than the big city.

15. PDA is sweet, not weird.

16. Morning people are more productive.

17. Traveling is a waste of money.

18. Cargo shorts are attractive.

19. Keeping your exes as friends is healthy and normal.

20. Ending a text with a period is aggressive.

21. True love is a scam.

22. Love is a choice, not a feeling.

23. You don’t need a college degree anymore.

24. There’s more to life than having kids.

25. The best way to sleep is naked.

26. AM and PM is dumb. We should use the 24-hour clock.

27. People that read are more intelligent.

28. It’s okay to fart in front of your significant other.

29. It’s better to shower at night than in the morning.

30. Eye contact while talking is uncomfortable and rude.

31. Most women can’t drive well.

32. Marriage is a business deal.

33. Self-help books are trash.

34. New York City is overrated.

35. Thanksgiving Eve is better than Thanksgiving.

36. Giving is more fun than receiving.

37. People care more about their wedding than their marriage.

38. Two-lane highways without a median shouldn’t exist.

39. Sports cars with automatic transmissions are pointless. Learn to drive manual or get a different car.

40. Airlines should start charging for all carry-on luggage.

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Unpopular opinions about food and drinks

1. Hot dogs are better than cheeseburgers.

2. Apple juice is better than orange juice.

3. Onions taste good.

4. Hummus is disgusting.

5. Ketchup should be cold.

6. Nutella is nasty.

7. Mushrooms are delicious.

8. Bacon is nasty.

9. Chocolate ice cream is disgusting.

10. Black coffee is better than any other coffee drink.

11. Milk ruins cereal.

12. Soda tastes terrible.

13. Sprite is better than Pepsi and co*ke.

14. Beer out of a can tastes weird.

15. Pickle juice is delicious.

16. Nuts in chocolate is wrong on so many levels.

17. Watermelon is disgusting.

18. Cake isn’t that good.

19. Soggy French fries are the best.

20. Fruit should never be cooked.

21. Coffee is disgusting. You’re just addicted to caffeine.

22. Guacamole is better than avocados.

23. Cheese ruins most dishes.

24. Olives are disgusting.

25. Mayo is better with fries than ketchup.

26. Movie theater popcorn is the worst.

27. Dunkin’ Donuts has better coffee than Starbucks.

28. Mustard is better than ketchup.

29. Pizza is better cold.

30. There’s no such thing as a pumpkin spice latte because it doesn’t taste like pumpkin.

Unpopular opinions about movies and TV shows

1. Friends is a terrible show.

2. New Disney is better than old Disney.

3. Stranger Things is overrated.

4. The Office isn’t that good.

5. Black Panther isn’t a good movie.

6. Euphoria is a toxic show.

7. Harry Potter wasn’t even good.

8. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

9. Moana is the best Disney film. Period.

10. Foreign movies with subtitles are the best.

11. Frozen 2 is better than the first movie.

12. The Phantom of the Opera is actually really good.

13. Ben Affleck is the perfect Batman.

14. The beginning of Up isn’t sad.

15. Sleepless in Seattle was not romantic at all.

16. Napoleon Dynamite has no plot and isn’t funny.

17. Rose could’ve saved Jack in Titanic.

18. The Lord of the Rings is boring.

19. Jack Nicholson is a better Joker than Heath Ledger.

20. The Mandalorian is a snoozefest.

21. The Queen’s Gambit doesn’t deserve all the hype.

22. The Good Place should’ve ended after the first season.

23. Game of Thrones is unwatchable.

24. Mad Men is so boring.

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Unpopular opinions about music

1. Taylor Swift is one of the most underrated singers.

2. Drake is okay.

3. K-pop is terrible.

4. The Beatles are overrated.

5. Country music is the only good music left.

6. Katy Perry’s music sucks, and she’s creepy.

7. Apple Music is better than Spotify.

8. Every song by The Weeknd sounds the same.

9. Classical music is amazing.

10. Coldplay is overrated.

11. Songs shouldn’t need lyrics to be powerful.

12. Watching music videos is the same as going to a concert.

13. Foo Fighters is better than Nirvana.

14. Metal is the best genre.

15. Nickelback is amazing.

Unpopular opinions about celebrities

1. Jennifer Aniston is boring and bland.

2. Kevin Hart isn’t funny.

3. Halle Berry is overrated.

4. David Attenborough is a glorified voice-over artist, nothing more.

5. Adam Sandler isn’t funny.

6. Will Ferrell is obnoxious.

7. Angelina Jolie is ugly.

8. Jimmy Fallon is a terrible host.

9. Oprah isn’t genuine.

10. Melissa McCarthy isn’t funny, and movies would be better without her.

11. Jennifer Lopez can’t sing.

12. Channing Tatum looks like he doesn’t know how to read.

13. Gal Gadot can’t act.

14. The Rock is overrated.

15. Vin Diesel is so boring.

16. Neil Degrasse Tyson is annoying.

17. Keanu Reeves isn’t that great of an actor.

18. Gordon Ramsey is attractive.

19. Reality stars should not be celebrities.

20. Gary Vee talks too much without saying anything.

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100+ Unpopular Opinions (Complete Controversial List) (2024)


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